The Earthrise Insitute is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization (IRS letter available on request) and all contributions to it and towards its activities are tax-deductible. Contributions may be made via PayPal to the address, or via check (payable to the Earthrise Institute) and mailed to: 891 16 Springs Canyon Road, Cloudcroft, New Mexico 88317 USA. Any individual or organization who contributes $100 or more to Earthrise will be identified as an Earthrise Contributor and will be listed on our Contributor's Page and on a special plaque to be erected at the Earthrise Dark-Sky Site. Please check our donor page to see the various donor levels as well as the current one-time offers we have.

Contributions towards the Earthrise Institute's mission can also be made by purchasing items from the Earthrise Store and by shopping on-line at Giveline.

In collaboration with Project Worldview, a portion of proceeds from sales of the Worldview Kit are being donated to the Earthrise Institute.

We hope you will consider making a donation to our cause and our mission, and we thank you in advance for your consideration!

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