Part of the group of foreign participants at the conference, at the conference site at the hotel in Esfahan. I'm on the far left, and next to me is Mahsoud, one of our "shepherds" while in Iran. Our host, Alireza Mehrani (President of the Adib Astronomical Society) and his family.
Me, with some of the Iranian students who participated in the conference. Additional Iranian students who participated in the conference. (Alas, the photo of me with many of the female students ended up blurred . . . )
Hillside view of the ruins of Persepolis, taken from the tomb of Artaxerxes II.
Eman Square, in the center of Esfahan. I took this photo standing at the entrace to the "mother of all bazaars"
Soldier's fashions from the time of King Darius. A carving from the ruins at Persepolis.
U.S. Naval Academy at Persepolis. Bruce McCandless (class of '58) and Alan Hale (class of '80) with Bruce's wife Bernice.
Scene of the Dutch countryside, a few miles from Schipol airport near Amsterdam. (I had a layover there of ten hours.)
Icebergs, off the eastern coast of Labrador. I took this through the window of the plane, hence the weird foreground colors.
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