Simply stated, the mission of the Earthrise Institute has been to use astronomy, space, and other related endeavors as a tool for breaking down international and intercultural barriers and for bringing humanity together.

The Earthrise Institute took its name from the images of Earth taken from lunar orbit by the Apollo astronauts. These images, which have captivated people from around the planet, show our Earth as one small, beautiful jewel in space, completely absent of any arbitrary political divisions or boundaries. They have provided new inspiration to us to protect what is right now the only home we have, and they encourage us to treat the other human beings who live on this planet as fellow residents and citizens of that home. They show, moreover, that we are all in this together, and that anything we do involves all of us.

In that spirit, the Earthrise Institute has sought to preserve and enhance the ideals contained within the Earthrise images via a variety of activities. However, in lieu of Earthrise President Alan Hale's personal statement of July 6, 2017, the Earthrise Institute has indefinitely suspended all of these activities and plans (with the exception of "Continuing With Comets," which is not a program per se but rather is merely a sharing of observational efforts).

The overall ideals that spawned the creation of the Earthrise Institute remain. It is conceivable that at some point in the future some of the planned activities might be reinstated, or new activities might be designed and created, that could further the fulfillment of Earthrise's ultimate goals. Those who share this overall vision, particular any members of the younger generations who do so, are welcome to contact Earthrise and share their thoughts and ideas.


Original mission statement

History of Earthrise (complete as of June 2010)

New Mexico Senate Joint Memorial 72 (2003), endorsing Earthrise

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"A Challenge for Humanity" (essay written and posted September 11, 2002)
Biography of Earthrise Institute President Alan Hale (current as of July 2017)
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