We are seeking organizations around the U.S. and around the world to partner with us in making Earthrise a reality. These may be schools and other educational institutions interested in sharing students, curricula, and programs; science museums who might wish to collaborate with us in educational and/or research projects; tourism companies and other businesses who may wish to utilize our services to serve their clientele, and so on. Links to any such organizations will be displayed on this page. Representatives of any organizations who would like to partner with the Earthrise Institute are invited to contact us either by phone at +1 (575) 687-2559 or via e-mail.

Space Tourism Society

Red Planet Ventures, Inc. (web site coming soon)

Meade Instruments 4M Community

X-Prize Foundation



Project Icarus

E Art Gallery

Search for Common Ground

Astronomers Without Borders

New Mexico Space Grant Consortium

There Will Be Peace

Project Worldview

New Mexico Museum of Space History

International Space Hall of Fame Gift Shop

Challenger Center for Space Science Education

National Space Society

Federation of Galaxy Explorers

North American Jules Verne Society

Village of Cloudcroft, New Mexico

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