Astronomical photographs taken by Alan Hale, produced into QuickTime movies with musical accompaniment
Featured movies:

"The Hale-Bopp Odyssey" -- photographs of Comet Hale-Bopp as it approaches and recedes, including a depiction of sounding rocket flights conducted from White Sands Missile Range. Music: "Where's My Thing?" (Rush)

"Cielo Encantado" -- astronomically-themed photographs taken from New Mexico. Music: "Painted Caves" (Robert Mirabal)

"The Land of Oz" -- astronomically-themed photographs taken from Australia. Music: "Quito de Ensueno" (Andean Fusion)

"Towards the Final Frontier" -- photographs of space themes, including Apollo lunar missions taken from television screen; Space Shuttle landings at Edwards Air Force Base; and DC-X flights from White Sands Missile Range. Music: "Orbital Mind" (Fiorella Terenzi)

"One Planet" -- photographic record of "science diplomacy" expeditions to Iran and Zimbabwe. Music: "Aspiration No. 1" (Hiba al-Kawas)

"A New Era" -- CCD images taken with telescopes at Southwest Institute. Music: "Synchronized Lover" (Fiorella Terenzi) (20-second sample -- may take a few minutes to load)

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