The "Giving Tuesday" occasion is now upon us, and I fully understand that everyone is being bombarded to contribute to a number of worthy causes. I would ask everyone, though, to consider donating to The Earthrise Institute that I founded and manage.

I founded Earthrise (under a different name) over two decades ago with the primary mission of performing science education and science research. However, not too long thereafter I had the great fortune of becoming one of the co-discoverers of the comet that was viewed by more human beings than any other comet in the entire history of humanity. That provided me with a unique platform to utilize the universe around us as a tool for building bridges between the many peoples of Earth, and I accordingly renamed the organization I had founded and revised its mission to reflect this endeavor. In carrying out this new mission over the next several years I was able to travel to some fascinating places, meet a lot of wonderful people, and have some incredible experiences along the way.

I discuss the current state of these efforts, and my personal journey over the recent past as I have striven to retool them, in a recent statement. I have begun a partnership with a worldwide network of automated remotely-controlled telescopes, and in the meantime I have had recent discussions with many potential clients both here in the U.S. -- including at least one organization that works specifically with at-risk students -- as well as internationally (including Europe, Africa, Australia, and the Middle East). Some of my specific programs at the moment include participating in a NASA-coordinated observing campaign for a comet approaching closely to Earth next month that is already at this writing visible to the unaided eye, and a campaign to examine an asteroid coming close to Earth in January which I have dedicated to the memory of the amateur astronomer who mentored me back when I was in High School and who passed away just a couple of months ago.

As I indicate in my statement, I cannot do all this alone. I need resources, and I need people -- especially younger people -- who can carry on the mission and who will contribute towards building a better and positive future for humanity. I ask everyone for their assistance in helping us achieve that future.

Although contributions to Earthrise are welcome at any time, I especially encourage contributions during the period that begins with Giving Tuesday and ends at the end of 2018. The Earthrise Institute is a 501-c-3 nonprofit organization (IRS documentation available on request) and contributions in the U.S. are tax-deductible. Contributions may be made via PayPal to the address donate@earthriseinstitute.org or via the Fundraising campaign that is shared on the Earthrise Institute's Facebook page. Any readers should feel free to contact me if they have any questions about Earthrise and its mission.


Alan Hale

Founder, The Earthrise Institute

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